Sleep Terrors
What are Sleep Terrors (or night terrors, or pavor nocturnus)?
Sleep terrors, or night terrors, are a parasomnia disorder that often involves a patient waking up gasping for breath, moaning, or screaming. Sometimes, it is extremely difficult to wake someone up who is suffering from sleep terrors. Often, the person goes back to sleep without incident. The next day, the person may not even recall any incident taking place at all.

Don't confuse sleep terrors with nightmares. Nightmares are frightening dreams, and are often recalled in vivid detail by the person having them.

How are Sleep Terrors treated?
If possible, it is sometimes helpful to wake the person just before the onset of sleep terrors. For some, interrupting their sleep pattern in this deliberate way may be just what is needed to alleviate sleep terrors.

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