Sleep Medicine
Sleep Medicine is the subspecialty of medicine that focuses on sleep disorders.

Many physicians specialize in sleep disorders, but only a percentage of them (like Dr. Garg) are board-certified.
More On Sleep Disorders
In addition to diagnosing and treating patients with sleep disorders, physicians who practice sleep medicine also provide information to patients about a wide variety of social and environmental aspects of sleep. For instance, some of these topics include information on sleep hygiene, sleep and health, drowsy driving, how to sleep well, children and snoring, circadian rhythms and the effects of caffeine on patients.

Debilitating Effects Of Sleep Disorders
Dr. Garg sees a lot of patients who have suffered with debilitating sleep problems for months, or even years. They have been snoring for years, they fall asleep in their car, they fall asleep on their job, they can't fall asleep at all, they can't fall asleep when they're supposed to and they can't wake up when they are supposed to, either.

For many, finally getting to Dr. Garg's office is the first step to a new beginning in their lives.

If you believe you, or someone you know and love, have a sleep disorder, it is in your best interest to contact us immediately. We'll tell you what you need to do to get an appointment with Dr. Garg, and, from there, you will be another person who is glad they took the all-important first step toward getting help for your sleep disorder.

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