Limit Setting Sleep Disorder
This is a sleep disorder that has a connection to a child's behavioral health in which the child refuses to go to bed at times established by the parent(s), which in turn affects the quality of the child's sleep, often leading to other sleep disorders.

Your child can use a number of methods to resist your limit setting. These include crying, outbursts, asking question after question after the child has been told to go to bed, throwing objects, making unnecessary trips to the bathroom, and more. Anything the child can think of in this setting is possible. How you deal with it is extremely important.

It is important to make sure the child is tested for the possibility of ADHD or other disorders, and it is important to establish and enforce your ways of dealing with your child's limit-setting attempts.

Time is of the essence, so make an appointment with Dr. Garg today and get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.
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