Hypnagogic Hallucinations
What are hypnagogic hallucinations?
You're starting to fall asleep, and you begin to hallucinate. The images are vivid, and they last anywhere from seconds to several minutes.

Are they normal, ordinary and nothing to be concerned about? Are they reactions to medications you may be taking? Are they related to narcolepsy, or sleep deprivation, or a change in the electrical or chemical activity in your brain? Are they something that requires more study.

Most importantly, how do they make you feel?

What causes hypnagogic hallucinations?
If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, or if you are taking a medication that is affecting your ability to sleep, you may be predisposed to hypnagogic hallucinations. They can also occur if your sleep schedule is irregular.

Hypnagogic hallucinations can also be a feature of narcolepsy.

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