Chronic Bronchitis
What is Chronic Bronchitis?
Simply put, it is an inflammation of the bronchi of your lungs. It may appear as a persistent cough, and you may spit up mucus, or pglegm, for an extended period of time.

You may also have chest pain, fever, fatigue or feel sluggish, or have a wheezing in your chest. You may have Chronic Bronchitis because of cigarette smoking, or inhalation of other fumes.

Dr. Garg will order a pulmonary function test, or an x-ray, or both, and perhaps a blood test.

How is Chronic Bronchitis treated?
Dr. Garg may prescribe antibiotics to help you treat Chronic Bronchitis. If that doesn't help, he may also prescribe corticosteroids as well, depending on the particulars of your case.

Make an appointment with Dr. Garg so he can help you find out a) if you have Bronchiectasis and b) what you can do to combat its effect.
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