Dr. Vipin Garg is an expert in both sleep disorders and pulmonary medicine. In fact, he is board certified in both specialties. For people who have a sleep disorder or a pulmonary disease or disorder, this is great news. By going to one physician, Dr. Garg, you can be treated by a specialist who fully understands the connections between sleep disorders and pulmonary problems. He can diagnose and treat you for whatever problem is causing you difficulty, and follow through if your pulmonary disease is causing sleep problems, or vice versa.

Whether you live in Elizabeth, Union, Cranford, Clark, Westfield, Linden, Rahway, Newark or anywhere else for that matter, it is in your best interest to find your way to Dr. Garg's offices in Elizabeth or Union, New Jersey to be diagnosed and begin treatment. For many, this is a life-changing, life-saving, or life-extending endeavor.

Unfortunately for many people, multiple problems attack their bodies at the same time. For instance, people with diabetes may experience narcolepsy and also suffer from COPD or emphysema at the same time. Having one doctor who is able to address multiple problems simultaneously can be a huge advantage for a patient.

For those who want to learn more, we have a whole section of information on sleep disorder problems and issues. In many cases, there are social and environmental factors that affect patients, making it difficult to get a good night's sleep or to be able to sleep at all. Learn more about shift work, drowsy driving, sleep and heart disease, sleep hygiene, children and snoring, circadian rhythms, the effects of caffeine, and get tips on how to sleep well.

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